Our Staff

Our team of dedicated, professional staff have, without a doubt, the highest level of expertise in the industry.

With over twenty years of experience and extensive backgrounds in both design and architecture, you can rest assured that RST will be able to answer all of your questions, and assist you from start to finish, in making the right choices for your venture.

Our Promise

We promise to uphold the utmost quality of service to our customers. Honesty, integrity, hard work, and teamwork are among our core values.

CC Hand
International/Domestic Purchasing & Shipping

15 Years of Service

Texas Native


“Hakuna Matata”

Mike Mitchell
Client Services

2 years of service
Frankfort, Indiana Native

“I once felt sorry for a man with no shoes,
until I met a man with no feet.”

Andre Borro
Sales Associate

7 years of Service
Naples, Florida Native

“Everything you ever wanted, is on the other side of fear.”

Hebert Chavez
Sales Associate

17 Years of Service
Hartfut, Connecticut Native

“Do your Job.”

Barbara Wholley
Office Manager

6 Years of Service
Naples, Florida Native

“She has the soul of a gypsy,
the heart of a hippie,
& the spirit of a fairy.”

Marcos Araya II
Marketing Director

2 years of Service
Limon, Costa Rica Native

“Small hinges, swing big doors”

Karen Jackson

7 Years of Service
St Louis, Missouri Native

Carlos Bonilla

22 Years of Service
Puerto Rico Native

“Customers are our priority.”

Leonardo Aguiar

12 Years of Service
Cuba Native

“al mal tiempo, buena cara”.”