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Is Oceanside Glass & Tile the Right Choice?

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Inspire your space with Oceanside Glass & Tile. From simple patterns to eclectic designs, this collection fits any aesthetic style.

Glass tiles are typically used for walls, backsplash, bathrooms, or for decoration. Some glass tiles are manufactured for use as floor tiles and are often textured to prevent slips when wet.

Questions to Consider When Deciding if Oceanside Glass & Tile is the Right Fit

Does glass tile absorb water?

  • Glass is impenetrable to water with an absorbency rate of 0%, as compared to ceramic, which has an absorbency rate of 0.5% to 3%.

Can glass tile be used for kitchen backsplash?

  • Glass tiles are ideal as a kitchen backsplash because they are non-porous, stain-resist, and resistant to bacteria and germs.

Will glass tile backsplash go out of style?

  • Glass tiles are a perfect choice for kitchen backsplashes, shower walls, tub surrounds, and accent walls. Glass tile will not chip or fade like paint, and will look fashionable for years to come.

Does glass tile need to be sealed?

  • Glass tile itself is impervious and does not need to be sealed. However, any tile components or cement-based grout should be sealed to help prevent staining and prolong product life. Always consult and follow product recommendations.

Is glass tile hard to keep clean?

  • Glass tile is relatively low maintenance, all that’s needed to keep it clean is window cleaner and a cloth.

Can I install Oceanside Glass & Tile products in a pool?

  • In many cases, yes but it depends on the exact product line and tile size.

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