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Wood Look Porcelains Available from Ruben Sorhegui Tile Distributors in Naples, Florida

Who said tile has to be boring? At Ruben Sorhegui Tile of Naples, we believe tile comes in all shapes, sizes and looks – including wood!

Our Wood Look Porcelains are a breath of fresh air for those who seek to find something unusually and brilliantly different while incorporating the look of a beautiful, softwood to truly inspire and transform any room in your space. 

Our Wood Look Porcelain tiles invoke a feeling of comfort, warmth, and home. There are so many uses for these beautiful porcelain panels that it’d be pretty difficult to find an area you couldn’t use them in. They are good for Salty Naples, Florida, and look amazing on all of your room floors, as wall accents, and even on shower floors as they are non-porous. They make beautiful outdoor materials for your deck or pool area, or perhaps for your outdoor kitchen.

City home with wood porcelain tile from Ruben Sorhegui Tile Distributors | Southwest Florida Stone, Tile and Marble Distributor
Take our Oak Porcelain planks for example. These would be a spectacular addition to a living room area, complete with a fireplace and a couple of cozy throw rugs to complete the look. Or, they would be exquisite on any bedroom floor in your home. Additionally, they would even look exceptional in your bathroom around wet areas like in the shower. Shock everyone and keep the secret. It’s safe with us!

We also offer other styles of Wood Look Porcelains, like our Ecru Beige Wood Porcelain tile with a gorgeous Matte finish, just perfect for all the floors in your home, or as wall accents. Or our Beige Detailed Wood Look Porcelain Tile, which is intricately detailed and looks like a wonderfully aged and weathered wood plank. 

If you want to create a space reminiscent of the beautiful SW Florida beach coast, our Blue Wood Look Porcelain Tile will quite literally blow you away. The deep blue tones and wooden veins throughout each plank will truly bring the room together, adding an incredible lifelike seaside feel to any room. Pair this floor with some captains windows and shiplap walls, and you’ve got yourself a seaside retreat fit for Royalty.

Imagine any one of these looks in your den to give an updated and fresh spin on the old space. Sprinkle in some color, such as a green succulent plant or two, and you’ve got a classy new space just perfect for you. But be careful – you might not ever want to leave!

Example swatches of wood porcelain tile available at Ruben Sorhegui Tile Distributors

If you own a restaurant or business, these would make an exceptional addition to the overall look and feel of your space – all while maximizing and increasing property value.

Products are available in various sizes – 8×48 being the most popular.

If you would like to learn more about any of our exquisite tile products, place an order, or make an appointment to view any of our products in person, please visit our website at https://sorheguitile.com/. One of our experienced and knowledgeable tile experts will contact you promptly. Additionally, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (239) 643-2882, or visit our Showroom at 3876 Mercantile Ave, Naples, FL 34104.

Example swatches of wood porcelain tile available at Ruben Sorhegui Tile Distributors
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