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Your Guide to Bathroom Tile

A bathroom with elegant black and white tiles.
Tile in the bathroom is where style meets function – it must not only be visually appealing, but practical and durable. Bathroom tile comes in a wide variety of materials, shapes, and colors that can suit any interior design style. Bathrooms are also often the smallest room in a home, so the tile you choose can make your space feel larger and turn it into a tranquil oasis just for you. 

As Southwest Florida’s premier tile distributor, we offer the best selection of porcelain and natural stone for your bathroom.

Features of Bathroom Tile  

The tile you choose will vary based on design and application, but there are a few key features to consider when making your selection. 

  • Water Resistance – Being impervious to water is the most important consideration when choosing tile. Sealed stone and porcelain tiles can offer a combination of water resistance, durability, and mold & mildew resistance. 
  • Safety – Bathrooms are the room in your home where safety is a top concern. Slip-resistant flooring and mosaics are essential to ensure the safety of your family and guests. 
  • Easy Maintenance – A key consideration when choosing bathroom tiles is the ease of maintenance. The proper sealer and material can determine your ability to deep clean the tile to get rid of germs and bacteria. A tile that is easy to clean and doesn’t collect dust, dirt, and hair is ideal.

Bathroom Tile Applications 

There are several different applications of bathroom tiles that will affect what you choose. The best tile for shower walls may not be the same as what’s best for bathroom floors.   

  • Bathroom Floors. Bathroom floors are a high traffic area that also will experience a lot of moisture, so the tile you choose should be water resistant, and durable. 
  • Bathroom Walls. You can set the tone in your bathroom with the tile you select for your bathroom walls. Large Format slabs are popular choices for a design that stands out.  
  • Shower Floor. When choosing tiles for your shower, you must take both design and functionality into consideration. Water-Jet designs and small mosaics are the preferred choice, not only for aesthetic but practical reasons.  
  • Shower Accent Tile. Details like waterfall designs or unique glass mosaics can give your bathroom a distinguishing style, adding the final touches that brings your selections to life.

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At our Naples showroom, we have a large selection of tile, marble, and mosaics to match any bathroom style. Our team of experts can work directly with you to create selections, provide samples, and provide support all the way through a flawless execution.  

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