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Choosing the Right Shower Tile

Sorhegui Tile - Choosing the Right Shower Tile
Your shower is a place for you to unwind, refresh, and have a moment to yourself at the end of a long day. Whether is to create a relaxing oasis in your master bathroom or a welcoming comfortable environment in your guest bathroom, the tile you select is an important element in your shower design.

Shower Wall & Floor Tile

When finding tile for your shower walls, you have more flexibility than shower floors because you don’t have to factor in slip resistance. You still want to consider what is going to be easy to clean and maintain. The tile you choose will invoke the feeling you desire to have in your shower, anything from a tranquil spa feeling to a bold glamourous pattern.

For shower floor tile, you want to maintain your design aesthetic throughout but focus on functionality. The tile being slip-resistant is the most important factor to consider.

Mosaics Tile for Showers

Mosaics are a popular design for shower tiles. The small size of individual tiles are easy to fit to the shape of your shower. Also, the grout lines are great for slip-resistance. With a wide variety of mosaics available – including glass, natural stone, custom waterjets, mother of pearl , and more – you can find a mosaic for your shower to fit any design style.

Choosing the right shower tile

There are several factors you should consider when selecting tile for your showers. Some of the most important things to think about are –

  • Think about your overall design style for your home, and the desired aesthetic for that particular bathroom. You want to find styles that will complement the general design style.
  • Consider the other elements of the bathroom – ceiling, walls, flooring, and countertops – and how your shower tile design fits into that. If you want your shower to be a focal point, you may want to start with choosing a design before selecting other materials around it.
  • Consider the texture of the tile and be sure to choose a material that is slip-resistant and recommended for showers

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