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Home Accent Décor with Porcelain Slabs

Home Accent Decor with Porcelain Slabs | Sorhegui Tile
Your home is your canvas – Your work of art. Adding a decorative porcelain slab mural really makes a statement. Porcelain slabs are unique and elegant as no two slabs are the same, making each piece an individual work of art and a great alternative to the standard painting.
Large porcelain slabs have recently become more popular for its clean look and ability to make a space feel larger. Framing slabs create the equivalent of an artwork piece that is beautiful, eye-popping, and striking.
Porcelain slabs excel in unexpected areas of the home:

  • Feature Wall – You can choose from a wide selection of styles, designs, and textures to meet your style preferences and create a dramatic statement wall. Transform a space from ordinary to extraordinary by turning any wall into a focal point.
  • Fireplace Surround – Imagine a fireplace with a gorgeous porcelain design that reaches from the floor to the ceiling or dramatically shapes the hearth. Combine the elegant, sophisticated design with high performance and to create a magnificent backdrop for your fireplace.

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