Tile Style & Design

Kitchen Tile Design Styles

Kitchen Design Styles by Sorhegui Tile
Your kitchen is the centerpiece and gathering place of your home. When choosing tile for your kitchen, you want to choose materials that balance achieving your desired aesthetic while being durable to protect your surfaces in a functional space.

From contemporary to traditional, our selection of tile and stone will help you complete the kitchen design of your dreams.

Kitchen Backsplash Designs

Kitchen backsplashes are functional, protecting your walls from splashes and spills, but are also a great way to make a statement in your kitchen design. Many homeowners and designers like to get creative with backsplash to tie together the kitchen aesthetic and reflect the home’s unique style.

Waterjet Mosaics for Kitchens

Waterjet Mosaics are a popular choice for kitchen backsplash to give your space a customized, elevated design.

These mosaics are custom-made using a waterjet cutter, a high-pressure machine that cuts marble and other materials with incredible accuracy. This creates a meticulously crafted mosaic design with a blend of stunning materials, helping you achieve a truly unique design to complement the look of your home.

Kitchen Flooring Design

Your kitchen flooring can either be the focal point of your kitchen or something that is used to compliment the colors, patterns, and textures of other areas.

Tile is a perfect choice in material for your kitchen floor. It is a room that is used almost every day, and it’s important to have something easy to clean and durable. Our variety of tile flooring options gives you a comprehensive selection of flooring colors, patterns, and finishes to choose from.

Available in a variety of shades, wood-look tile is a popular option for a natural look with exceptional durability. Marble or porcelain is a popular option for those wanting to achieve an elegant and timeless look.

Find The Right Materials for Your Kitchen Design

Whether you are building a new home or working on a remodel, there is no better selection in Southwest Florida for your materials than Sorhegui Tile Distributors.

Our experienced team works directly with homeowners, designers, and builders to help them find the right materials for their next project. We have sourced the finest materials from all over the world to bring you the top selection of tile and stone.

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