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Porcelain Flooring: Durable, Versatile, and Reliable Tile for Your Home

Stone Look Porcelain Flooring: Durable, Versatile, and Reliable Tile for Your Home | Sorhegui Tile

Porcelain flooring is a great choice to create beautiful spaces in your home with a resilient, long-lasting material.

Porcelain has been esteemed throughout history for its elegant appearance and subtle shine. Through firing clay at high temperatures, the delicate material is now used to create hard, durable tile.

Key Features of Porcelain Flooring

  • High durability. Porcelain tile is dense and through-bodied, which makes it easily stand up to heavy foot traffic, and suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • A large variety. You can find a wide range of colors, patterns, and surface finishes, including porcelain flooring that resembles natural stone or wood grain.
  • Excellent water resistance. Due to porcelain tile’s density, it is much more resistant to water. This provides you with stronger, more reliable flooring.
  • Easy to clean and care for. Porcelain flooring does not harbor bacteria like other porous materials and is simple to wipe off and keep clean.

Marble Porcelain Flooring: Durable, Versatile, and Reliable Tile for Your Home | Sorhegui Tile
Applications of Porcelain Flooring

Versatile and elegant, porcelain flooring has gained popularity in recent years and has a wide range of applications. A key innovation of porcelain tile is the ability to resemble different materials, giving homeowners, designers, and builders a variety of choices to achieve their desired aesthetic.

Some surfaces where porcelain flooring is best used are:

  • Kitchens. Due to its water-resistance, easy cleaning, and durability, many have opted to use porcelain tile in their kitchens so they can effortlessly wipe down and disinfect their spaces.
  • Retail spaces. Porcelain helps business owners creating an attractive, welcoming environment for customers in a retail space, while maintaining functionality in areas with high foot traffic.
  • Outdoor spaces. Unlike other types of tiles, porcelain can be applied in outdoor spaces like terraces, balconies, or lanais.
  • Homes with children and pets. You won’t have to fear the wear-and-tear that comes with being a parent or pet owner when choose durable porcelain flooring.

Porcelain flooring can be used to enhance virtually any décor style. Whether you are designing a cozy, Florida-style beach home, or creating with a modern eclectic space – porcelain can help you elevate your living space without compromising functionality.
Porcelain Flooring Choices

Ruben Sorhegui Tile Distributors stocks the most extensive collection of porcelain tile products in Southwest Florida, with over 5 million square feet of porcelain tile in stock. Book an appointment at our Naples, Florida showroom to see our porcelain tile & natural stone displays, and work with our team to select the right materials for your home.