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The Timeless Beauty of Marble Flooring

The Timeless Beauty of Marble Flooring | Sorhegui Tile

Marble has been used to create beautiful spaces throughout human history, across the world. In Ancient times, marble was a symbol of luxury and elegance, and was a popular choice in constructing important buildings that still exist today. Several famous structures throughout history have been crafted from Marble, including the Parthenon in Greece, the Taj Mahal in India, and both the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.

Marble is still mined from quarries throughout the world, extracting several different styles with their own unique appearance. What was once only accessible to kings and queens, now can be incorporated into any household. The opulent style and elegance that Marble Flooring conveys remains today.

Marble Flooring Categories
Marble flooring comes in a variety of colors and patterns and can be finished to a high gloss or matte. Some of the most common types of marble flooring by appearance are:

  • Breccia marble which is categorized by its darker color – is often found in warm shades of tan, red, brown, and gold. The veining in breccia tiles creates outstanding swirl patterns that resemble bubbles trapped in rock.
  • Carrara marble is a warm white color with subtle grey veining. This popular tile is what you will find in classic Greek temples and statues.
  • Calacatta Gold is currently one of the most prestigious stones in the world, used in the most exclusive and luxurious designs. Quarried in the mountains of Carrara Italy, this marble features a white background with dramatic veins in grey and golden tones.
  • Thassos is renowned for being the whitest, purest natural marble in the world. Named after the small Greek Island where it is quarried, it is a highly sought-after stone selection that epitomizes luxury and class.

There are also 2 basic types of Marble flooring finishes:

  • Polished Marble gives off a high-gloss appearance, highlighting the beauty and subtle patterns in the stone, and giving off a radiant glow. Polished marble is the common option for flooring and can be re-polished to retain its reflective finish.
  • Honed Marble is a great option when including marble in high traffic areas or wet rooms. It has a soft matte finish with significantly more grip than polished Marble.

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Caring for Marble Flooring

Marble flooring is durable, beautiful, and long-lasting, which makes it the best type of flooring on the market. Because of the unique nature of the stone, we have special care and maintenance tips to ensure it will maintain its luxurious shine.

  • The right marble for each space. Polished Marble flooring can be slick and slippery, particularly when wet, so be mindful of what type of marble you are choosing for specific areas. For areas like shower floors, we recommend mosaics in marble. For example, basketweaves, mixed mosaics, and waterjet designs.
  • A sealer is essential. Marble is an alkali material, which means that if any acidic materials – like juice, soda, or vinegar – can stain the tile. Applying a high-quality sealer is an essential part of the marble flooring installation process, because it protects the marble stone from spills, keeping it in mint condition.
  • Chose the right cleaning products. Many soaps and cleaning products are also acidic, which cannot be used on marble flooring. Be sure to read the label to find a cleaning product specifically suited for marble floors. Contact us or browse our product maintenance page for information on the appropriate cleaners.
  • Repolish & Hone. Properly installed marble is long-lasting, strong, and should experience minimal scratching. However, if you want to restore your finish over time, you can repolish your marble to rejuvenate its natural shine. Alternatively, the honing process alters the profile of the stone to a matte finish.

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Consult a Marble Flooring Expert

Ruben Sorhegui Tile is Southwest Florida’s top marble flooring & natural stone distributor. Our Naples showroom features a natural stone display with an extensive range of high-quality pieces to help you find the marble style for your space. Our team is here to help you select the right materials to bring the elegance and classic style of Marble into your home.